What Is This Greasy Black Stuff That Appears On My Frying Pan After It Has Been Through The Dishwasher?


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Glen Thornbury answered
Sounds like the residue left over after Chlorine is used to remove Sulfur from water on a large scale?
Go to the water container behind your toilet and lift the lid! Is there a stain that's real dark in color or a film on the top of the water?
If yes, then email me sweetness!

Then if it's a Cast Iron Email me, TOO!
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Pamela Krueger
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I never put my frying pans in the dishwasher for that very same reason..I always hand wash.
Glen Thornbury
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We determined it was All. things, and found the warning on the NET!
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Oo-er. What other material is the handle made of? You could ask the manufacturer - they might send you a new one!!
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Alison Baillie
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Well, you could consider it! A new one won't cost the earth and you can make sure you get an aluminium-free one. ;o)
helen baillie-gutteridge
Well OK, I have thrown them away (only had them 20+ years) and bought new. I would still like to know what it was, though.

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