How Much Do You Tip The Pizza Guy?!


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Katarzyna Guernsey Profile
I used to deliver pizzas so to say that pizza delivery drivers rely on tips sounds true.:) And depending on the order ,the tips I made were about 15-25 %.

I do understand though that some people order pizza when money runs low and there is no room for tip,so I never counted that everyone will tip.

Yet you would be surprised to find ,how cheap some people could be that lived in not so cheap houses and drove not so cheap cars!:)

So these days I do tip at least 15% when I order my pizza,because I do know how it is to be the one who delivers!
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Ronnie Maye answered
I usually give the driver 4 to 5 bucks if he is nice and pretty much on time. I think its worth it and most of the time adds up to more than 15%. Besides, those guys don't make much.
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R Maye answered
In the case of tipping a delivery guy, the common 15% seems so little. Most of these guys rely on tips. We usually give $3- $4 on a $15 dollar order.
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Elizabeth D. answered
I must be the cheapest person on this site! I give a dollar, sometimes. OMG I know this sounds terrible but sometimes I order out with very little money so I don't have the "luxury" to give a good tip. Sometimes I even pay with change! : ( Sorry to all the delivery people out there.
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Depends on how cute he is! Or polite. I say at least $5.00 no matter what. Make his day.....give him a twenty.
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.Frankly, Pizza delivery drives are working so that you don't personally have to get off your ass and go get it yourself.  Delivery drivers make well below minimum wage, and most never see any of that delivery charge you all complain about and see as the 'tip.'

Sure, you may not live very far from the store, it may only be a few miles.  But would you tip a waitress less if you were sat at a table near the kitchen in a restauraunt?  No.  No, the driver doesn't come back throughout dinner and ask how it was, give refills on drinks, and things like that.  However, the waitress doesn't use HER car and HER petrol bringing the food, in some cases, literally straight to your dinner table, because you're too lazy to go and get it yourself
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ariya huff answered
You should tip him 10.00$
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I try to give around 7 bucks, but when i am short on cash i may not always have this, so i give a 20 and just have him keep the change....
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Are you guys serious? Don't they get an hourly wage, and a tip? And now some places charge a delivery fee. I dont think the tip should be more than the pizza.
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I dont know, i don't get tips at work....that would be nice.  I went and worked for my education so i didnt have to be the delivery guy....yeah yeah, i tip anyways

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