Is There A Faster Way To Ripen Avocados?


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I've heard something similar: Put the avacados in a brown paper bag, fold up the top, put in the cupboard for a few days. I was told the fruit rippens quickly for some reason related to lack of light/being able to breathe?maybe even "warm, dry place(?)" or else it was, "because I said so & it works, doesn't it?" Yeah, one of those!
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I heard an old trick of putting them in a paper bag with an apple or other ripe fruit. I hear it's the chemicals given off by ripe fruit that cause other fruit to respond and ripen faster. It's worth a try.
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Robyn Rothman
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It works. It's the gases emitted that hasten the ripening
allen shane
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remove its stem, put salt (iodized or rock salt) on it... i tried it!... its effective...
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Wrap in a paper bag or newspaper and put in a warm place like on top of a refrigerator.
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In a paper bag, BUT then on top of the frig and on an old pie pan! It's Hot and Dry there! It works GOOD! ENJOY!
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All's i know is put the avacados in a drawer and keep em in there for a few days. :) im trying to figure out a faster way too
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Put a avocets peel in a brown bag with the avocado's and put it near a window. I bought avocets on sunday and they were ready tuesday afternoon

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