Did You Have A Favorite Cup When Growing Up?


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Denise Knutter Profile
Denise Knutter answered
When my mom and daddy were dating, she honestly worked at a carhop, A&W to be more correct.  Rollerskates and all! Anyway she still worked there off and on after she had my older sister and me whenever they needed help and I still have it, it is a tiny A&W rootbeer glass. Made out of that real heavy glass. My favorite and still have it.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
We had a red plastic koolaid cup, I loved that thing, because it matched the pitcher that we had. Lol
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
I had a whole set... Plate bowl and cup.. They had all the hanna-barbarra characters on them..I still have them, packed away forever, as the bowl is cracked, but I wouldn't eat ANYTHING without those dishes....lol. My daughter had several sets with various disney characters... Her favorite was Beauty and the Beast. Awesome memories... Thanks for asking!! ~~Mati~~
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Anonymous answered
I had a Mighty Mouse glass that started out as a jelly jar.
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Pamela Krueger answered
That would be my sippy cup..
Angelina Fernandes Profile

I used Munchkin Miracle 360 trainer cup for my baby. This is rimless and allows your baby to drink anywhere from the cup edge. I think this type of cup is best for making your baby familiar with cups. There are alsosome other types of sippy cups in the market, but among all I prefer rimless cup.

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