Can You Remember Any Foods That You Loved And Can't Find Anymore?


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There is some candy that i cant find i used to eat as a child
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Moe Pence answered
Nippy Cheese (in a tube) -- they don't make it anymore.  Melody cookies, penny candy, Pierre's Italian Veal Cutlets, Loft's and Helen Elliot's home-made candies (East Coast), Howard Johnson's square-scooped ice cream cones.
Where did the hubba bubba bubble gum go?♥ okay blurtit says "more detail required" so chomp that good enuff for you moderators?  Jeez!
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Hydrox cookies.  Liked them much better than Oreos.
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the old tradition of our meal, named kalli,its not available in any hotels,restaurants
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I can't remember the name of this sweet but it's in the shape of 'dart boards' it's made of something sticky with peanuts. I can't find it anymore.
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Butter Puff Biscuits! I always used to eat them and now I cant find them! =(

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