How Many People Touch The Food At The Grocery Store Before It Even Reaches The Grocery Store?


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I am on a diet now, thanks. I really needed that. Lmao roff ^_^
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I love it when people are talking about disease being passed around by going to schools/on trips and stores but they forget that the stuff they take home has been touched by 10-20 people before it even gets to the store.what's really gross(as in sickening) is the trucks the foods are hauled in that have hauled other things besides foods.ewwwwww! Yuck. This is probably why i buy foods that come in cans or bottles/sealed bags.: ). Hahahahahahahahaha
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I can rarely eat veggies from a can. They are usually too mushy for me, like overcooked. I wash all veggies, and even the frozen ones. That truck thing, GROOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!!! Now they get super wash.
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Ewe. There you go again. Making me think about that.
  If you keep this up, I'm going to get skinny as a rail.
I'd say there are many people that touch the food before it reaches the grocery store. No telling how many.

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