What Is Your Favorite Soda And Why?


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Well right now Dr. Thunder or Dr. Pepper I like the taste.... I also like Coke and Mt. Dew but the last time I drank Mt. Dew my head was killing me the next day so I probably won't be drinking it anymore :(
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Ecerone seems to like Dr. Pepper! I have never herd of Dr. Thunder.
Tamara Nickerson
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Dr. Thunder is the Wal-Mart version of Dr. Pepper. OK taste but goes flat too quickly & has an aftertaste I don't like.
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I used to love Coke until Dr.Pepper came out W/Red Fusion, which regrettably they no longer make. However they now make a cherry/vanilla fountain style I'm positively hooked on. I did notice though that there were 150cals per can  & on an average I was drinking 4cans a day. Getting older & hating exercise I broke down & started drinking the diet version, I've lost 40lbs past year changing nothing in my lifestyle,except for switching to diet. I was a die hard fan of regular soda, I absolutely hated the diet aftertaste but Dr.Pepper & Mountain Dew are  absolutely awesome in replicating a soda that tastes like the original.
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cherry cola and dr.pepper
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I like root beer because it taste good.
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My new favorite is Cherry Dr Pepper. I was tired of Pepsi and needed a change.
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Because of the calories regular soda has,I try to drink only diet- but I love all the kinds- esp. Ginger ale
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Well it use to be dr.pepper but i'm trying to stop drinking dark soda. So now when i want a soda i drink spite because it taste good
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Coca Cola for daark nothing taste better and It has a healing power I swear a boost me up!!
As light, I like SKI  is my home town beverage and it is the perfect cytrus and perfect carbo...psl rate

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