Does Anyone Else Here 'Sleep Eat'?


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I don't sleep eat I sleep drink one day i went to the store and bought a soda it was late but anyways i came home put the soda on my dresser next to my bed and fell asleep woke up the next day it was empty.....i was mad because i really wanted it that morning when i woke up lol
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No sweety I just get completely up and fix something to eat if I wake up for any reason even if it happens to be bath room break from sleep seems as if something not a lot but I have done a bowl of grapes etc. Seems as if sleep goes better,with a snack,but I'm usually awake when snacking,the only thing I've done unknowingly is remove curlers from my hair,because I turn and it is in my way of me getting comfortable and wake up and they are on the floor beside the bed and I don't have a clue when I did
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I take ambient and it can cause sleepwalking/sleepeating.  This a.m. I  had a open bag of potato chips next to me.
One a.m. I had dry trix cereal all over my bed and on the floor leading to the bathroom, and down the hall.
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Penny Kay
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That is exactly what I am talking about. Must be the meds I take. I never know till i get up and find the evidence, that I have been into all that food.

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