What Should You Do If You Are Sharing A House And Your Housemate Steals Your Food?


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Spike a sandwich with fire water(it's used to cook stir fry and will melt your tongue off) in a amount not recommended on the bottle. That or just buy another fridge for your room with a lock on it .then you can have your own food in your own room. Then your house mate will starve to death. : )
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How is that possible though. A housemate is sort of like a room mate and you pretty much share the house and everything in it. Why would you not share food if you are going to share it with you stomach in the first place. I mean you have to share the couch, TV, remote to the TV, bathroom, soap, washer machine, pretty much everything so why not share food. Unless you had an agreement on that you would share everything else except food and that you both would have to buy your own food and keep it on your own side of the refrigerator or you both had 2 separate refrigerator.
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I would either get a lockable refrigerator and cupboard for myself, or find a new roommate. Who wants to live with a thief? I would wonder what else s/he was taking.
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Steal there food back.
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Maybe suggest going half on food...or just plain tell them that you are highly upset with it..
(not much of a housemate)  I hope they clean up after themselves
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If it doesn't work out then, the roommate has to go. YOU are the boss, YOU set the rules.  I have been though this, it's no picnic when the roommate doesn't abide by YOUR rules.
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Well, my sister shared a house when she lived in the UK with 10 other people.  Most people there that own big houses rent the house out per room.  To satisfy 10 people take some doing but luckily it was a very big house, 3 stories with a couple of bedrooms on each floor most of them with their own bathrooms and if you had to share a bathroom then it would never be more then two people sharing the same bathroom and no one else use that bathroom, only those two will have a key to the bathroom.  You and the owner are also the only two people that can get in to your bedroom, your bedroom was your house.  My sister had a big bedroom so she had her double bed and TV room in her bedroom together with her bathroom downstairs was a lounge that everyone charred but I've never seen anyone in there ever, they all live in their bedrooms.  They also had a very big kitchen and everyone had three cupboards for your cutlery, crockery and your groceries.  One of the guys use to steal her food as well so she had someone made three locks for her that don't damage the cupboards but clips onto the handles like handcuffs so no one was able to take her food.  They also had a couple of fridges and normally two people would share a fridge and both those people would have keys for the fridge well maybe the one that share your fridge can still steal your food so what you do is to keep your expensive stuff in a little bar fridge in your bedroom, that is what my sister did.  Hope I was of some help.  Each and every person had to clean behind him or her in the kitchen as well
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This is serious, and if we are talking pizza, well if I am on the jury youll get a free pass from me for whatever digits you clipped off his fingers, so time to get him back, I say nail his girlfriend and you guys are even, remind him any time he wants to help himself to what you eat, youll do the same. I tell everyone my golden rule, before such problems occur, TREAT ME GOOD, ILL TREAT YOU BETTER, TREAT ME BAD, ILL TREAT YOU WORSE. This gives people alot to think about before they screw up.
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Jewelly A. Shetka
Try one of those fake, moving camera
set-ups, first. Less chance of you getting
into trouble for invasion of privacy.
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Maybe sit down & figure out if they want to put a certain amount from both parties for the food budget then shop together for it. Anything special bought outside the budget should be respected as theirs or yours period!! If this does not work tell them it is not working out. Its too hard in a household to draw so many lines about mine/yours.
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If we are talking about something that happens all the time where it is a problem. Then I would either move or ask the roommate to move. I have had roommates from time to time when I was younger and most did not work out. So if your roommate is eating your food and not buying any thing they know what they are doing. They do not care about being fair and honest. So it is a character flaw. End it.
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Stealing in any way is always bad. However, in this case that food is being stolen and I know it's a housemate who did it I will take pity on the poor rat. I'll ask the person if he or she has more food to eat and I may share what I can to feed an empty stomach.
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After some of my food was stolen from my college dorm, I told everyone in my dorm that, "From now on, SOME of my own food will be deliberately POISONED.  Go ahead and help yourself to it, and I hope you die.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!"
No one stole my food, ever again.
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We DO have a housemate (Talina's bio-brother)
who steals food whenever and however he can.
We chain the 'fridge closed and the pantry has
an entry type lock.  Whenever he's in the house,
we keep an eye on him because dog and cat
food are munchies to him.
He has Prader-Willie,  a condition where his
brain doesn't receive the 'I'm full' signal.
He will eat until there's nothing left to eat or
his stomach ruptures.  That means he's
ALWAYS hungry.   He's diabetic on top of that.
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Start storing bodily fluids (or stuff that looks and smells like them) in food containers.
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Pt question...put a lock of refrigerator.  That should solve you problems.  If you dont like that inconvenience, kick them.....out.
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I would be a little up set.
But, what if his/her friends came by to visit and stole your tiolet paper?
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greg gowen
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I guess you could put a video camera on the bathroom wall and then they probably wont use the toilet paper or the water, but hey, Im a softy, so use the toilet paper, I mean what kind of person doesnt keep a ton of t.p. Around? Thats why the gals keep coming back.
Jewelly A. Shetka
Sorry, the comment above was supposed to be to
for this question/answer. My aim is off this morning.

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