Why Does Tequila (especially) Make You Act Crazy And Flirtatious?


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Well I don't drink so I won't be able to give you an accurate answer but I'll still try. It is alcohol and when a person consumes alcohol it changes their body's reaction to certain things making them feel hyper or just worn out. In this case tequila may make someone feel aroused by heightening their sexual urges and hormones. All alcohol makes you act wayward when consumed in varied amounts. Hope this help.
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No alcohol makes me flirtatious, but that's never been in my nature to begin with.
Alcohol doesn't make me crazy, I don't pick fights or anything. But if I happen to fall down I won't feel any pain I have noticed that. I fell asleep (passed out) with my feet resting on the grating next to a fire pit, next morning my ankle had a massive burn on it, a scar I still have. No pain though.
I stick with the whiskey and brandy mostly. But I will do some thorough testing with tequila and get back to you when I find my car keys :)
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Zaphod  Beeblebrox
I'm telling you man, there's just something about it that makes your clothes fall off.
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It's possible, I strongly believe no substance makes someone do anything they were not already incline to do in the first place.
But I have caught myself acting a little more 'freely' than I would if I was stone cold sober.
So who knows. Next bottle I pick up, I will try to make it tequila - and let the chips fall where they may lol
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I am not sure......that is a very great question lol!!! I will not drink tequila anymore.....too many nights when clothing just seemed to fall right off!!! LOL I drink a lot of different liquor and I have never acted that slutty while drinking anything other then tequila.
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In my opinion! It's all in the (worm ) doll, thats brewing and slacking around at the bottom of the (tequila) bottle!!! Lol. Regards, (guest)

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