How come it seems like I always want to eat even when I'm completely not hungry?


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It's your mind telling you... My stomach "growls" and I'm not hungry.. It's just digesting and giving me baby cramps... Plus, your diet or daily schedule when to eat is what's wrong too... Try not to eat late at night because somehow you will get super hungry the next day.

Set your time schedule to eat... For example, 7:30AM (small breakfast + coffee/ orange/ tea) 12:00PM (nice healthy lunch because you still need to work or run around) 6:00PM (a lovely home-cooked "fresh" meal)... The key here is to have them well portioned... If your lunch is too much to consume then save the other half for dinner. If you eat your last meal before 7PM I guarantee you feel different... And if you cannot help yourself from eating... THEN PLEASE, eat a healthy snack like fruits and vegetables (a favorite). THEY will fill your stomach up.

If it's stress, then you have no self-control... If it's boredom, then you have nothing else "better" to do; so, get a new healthier habit (no kidding)... These 2 factors are NOT good for you and your body. Trust me.

Good luck. =)))
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Oh hey your answer makes sense!! Thank you!! I think it is boredom...and cravings... :/ You have a really good answer though, thanks!!
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No problem. It happens to the best of us.
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One of the main reason why you always want to eat even you are not hungry is because it taste good. It's true and a lot of times it does. Especially with someone cooking; and cooks healthily as well as tastily. But sometimes we are eating anything we can find in the kitchen, even if it really isn't that great tasting (like fat or sweets).
The best diet solution is to have a healthy diet plan. Without a healthy diet plan, the body doesn’t have a chance to adapt to an irregular eating schedule. A healthy eating meal planner would help to regulate your eating pattern so that, instead of eating haphazardly throughout the day, you keep your body satiated evenly and stave off the cravings.
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I don't know how YOUNG that you are, but, I would venture to say that you are in ONE of those GROWING spurt times of your life. I have seen my daughter go through it and I, too, have gone through it. Just don't worry about it UNLESS you are like 200 pounds. Above all, pay attention to ur weight; but do NOT become one of those freaked out girls who start lose weight.....NONE of that is good for ya!
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Ya I read a book on that and realized how dangerous it was so I never started... ...It's only I hate when I only want to eat when I'm not hungry, it doesn't make any sense to me...
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Well, get ready...a lot in life won't make sense, but do not let it deter you. Lol...u r thinking and that's what counts!!! Yea, and my daughter just told me that last year many girls gained weight in Chemistry Honors cause the teacher had them so wound up over this stupid project...hey, here today, gone tomorrow...the stress is not worth it. Act normal and eat normal..just exercise and the stress will release itself. I grow flowers and beat the ground everyday when I arrive home from work..haha
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Called stress eating and is very dangerous as this will put on alot of extra pounds
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It could be stress or it could be boredom. Both are not good for you and you should keep them in check.

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