Do you think that someday soon there will be no food in any of our country's supermarkets? When and why do you think this will happen?


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It could easily happen very soon as the inflation rate will skyrocket, the economy will fail and there will be mass unemployment.Add in the credit card recession and the falling value of the Dollar and people won't be able to afford food, supermarkets won't have any suppliers to stack their shelves and they will be out of business themselves.The President said there is a "headwind" coming to hit the economy and the only way to survive this recession, is to become self-sufficient.Grow your own fruit and vegetables, lock yourself in your house and allow no-one to take advantage of you or your generosity.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Most Americans are unaware at what is about to befall them. They had been indoctrinated in our public schools and colleges into trusting ttheir government for everything.


The truth? --- Stock up on all that will be needed for the long haul of no trucks delivering food to the supermarkets. --- Lock your doors against all those looking for something to eat. --- They will kill for food.--- Pray.
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Strong possibility here as we keep giving our surplus away and no one is restocking it so oneday we will run out
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One third of the world eats two thirds of the world's food supply. We are also very wasteful and with a growing population, I am sure this is a possibility. I suppose this could happen at any time!

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