Which works better whey protien or creatine? For gaining strength and muscle size?


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Creatine will definitely help increase muscle more than whey protein. You could take both if you wanted to. Remember the best time to take them is right after a workout. Pre-Workouts aren't shown to be as effective.
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Undoubtedly, whey is one of the must have supplements for weightlifters
because of several reasons. Consuming whey protein shakes and
supplements can improve performance and gain muscle mass for the
bodybuilders. It gives your body a high dosage of protein which helps in
jump-starting the muscle growth process. Typically weight lifters
consume whey protein both before and after the workout to increase their
protein synthesis and also to improve muscle recovery and restoration

Whether you are aiming to add lean mass to your body or want to drop
the extra body fat, adding whey protein to your daily diet can fasten
the gain and loss process.

Some of the key benefits of whey protein are summarized below:

●  Easy to digest
●  Lactose intolerant
●  Improves muscle repair
●  Acts as a natural appetite suppressant
●  Rich in essential amino acids
●  Improves metabolism

On the other hand, Creatine is another one of the most important supplements for weightlifters.
Though, creatine is a naturally occurring substance found within our
muscle cells. Approximately 95 percent of human body’s creatine supply
can be found around the skeletal muscle tissue. The remaining 5 percent
is stored in rest of the body. This naturally occurring metabolite has
been reproduced in the form of creatine monohydrate so that it can be
used as a dietary supplement. It is mainly consumed for cellular energy
production and modulation.

Benefits of including creatine in your weight lifting diet:

●  Promotes lean body mass
●  Increases muscle volume
●  Provides faster post workout recovery
●  Increased glycogen storage
●  Improves high intensity muscle performance

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Creatine is actually an acid that is well produced in our body, naturally. It is mostly found in our muscle cells and in higher amount it is found in skeletal muscles. Around 95 % of creatine present in the body is stored. But our body is not capable of storing it for a long time. And hence, there is a shortage of energy when performing strenuous activities. Well, to meet the demand of continuous energy production, here is another source through which we can get this acid. And it is through creatine supplements.

Whey protein is a watery portion of milk that separates from the cheese.It is a protein that provides amino acids to your body.

Taking supplements of both these together will increase the storage of creatine in the muscles and results in better energy production so that it can be continuously supplied when needed. The combination will lead to more muscle volume and hence results in better muscle growth. It will boost the overall athletic performance. It will provide more strength to the muscles as compared to when taken alone. Combination when taken after a workout session, will lead to faster muscle recovery.

For more information you can read the full article here www.medisyskart.com/blog/benefits-of-whey-protein-and-creati

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