What's the best sushi roll you've ever eaten?


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Yo Kass , Former assistant manager at UK sushi chain Yo! Sushi, answered

When I worked at a popular sushi chain-restaurant, I was lucky enough to try a wide variety of different hosomaki, uramaki and temaki.

During my lunch, these are a few of the Japanese-style rolls that kept me going through a busy shift:

Spicy Tuna Mini Inside Out Roll

This roll contains raw tuna and spring onion, and is wrapped in layers of toasted seaweed (nori) and sticky rice sprinkled with chives.

The ketchup-looking garnish on the plate is actually a super-spicy Asian chilli sauce which gives the roll a serious kick.

Salmon and Avocado Uramaki

The coupling of salmon and avocado is something of a staple in sushi kitchens. It's like the ham and cheese sandwich of Japan.

I really love salmon and avocado rolls because they're simple to make, and with a generous helping of Japanese mayonaise - they taste delicious and creamy.

My favorite sushi roll of all time

It's tough picking a favorite sushi roll of al time - but I guess I'd have to go for a Soft-shell crab temaki.

Each restaurant does them slightly differently, but here's what I'd fill my cone-shaped seaweed wrap with:

  • sticky rice
  • soft shell crab tempura (the shell on these tasty crabs is so soft you can easily bite through it).
  • citrus-infused tobiko fish roe
  • rocket
  • pickled radish
  • sweet chilli mayonaise
I love this combination of ingredients because they're colourful - making the dish look visually appetising. But most importantly, they taste great together.

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Lily Bradic answered

I'm not a very experienced sushi-eater, I must admit!

Chain Sushi Restaurants

I've eaten at the chain of Sushi restaurants that you used to work at, Kass, but was more fascinated by the brighty-coloured revolving conveyor-belts with sushi dishes on them than I was by the food itself! 

I remember being pretty impressed with the quality of the food, though, although I did think it was pretty expensive.

Cheap Supermarket Sushi

My only other encounter with sushi was with one of those little boxes they sell in Tesco. It was disgusting, and put me right off sushi. Think I may have to give it a second chance, after reading these answers!

Tannis Mitchell Profile
Tannis Mitchell answered

I ate the best sushi roll's at a mall, me and my friend dared ourselves;s to eat wasabi with it though, which wasn't a good idea, but the sushi roll's was delicious! :)

Christoffer Schindel Profile

Mmmmm, I love sushi!!
The best sushi I ever ate was in Amsterdam. I don't remember what kinda sushi it was though lol.

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Brian Scott answered

I like all kinds of Japanese food but sushi is awesome because there's so many random flavours and shapes. Looks much more interesting than boring English food anyway

If I had to pick my fav I think its the one with crispy prawn and avocado

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