Which style of coffee machine is best for home use?

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My opinion: It depends on 1.  How many cups are to be brewed each day. 2. How serious you are about coffee. 3. What is your budget?

I would say as an example you will brew three cups each morning before taking off to work. A "pod" or "filter system" would be fine depending on your budget.  If you are looking at many cups (5 or more) per day a "pod" system would be less expensive in the long run.

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Brendon Davis , Coffee Nut, answered

I'm not exactly sure as to what you're asking about the question, however if you're asking what kind of coffee machine would be best for home use, I'd definitely say a Keurig coffee maker if you have that money. They're very quick, and the coffee "cups" are really cheap to get.

If you have any more questions for me, feel free to ask.

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Lily Bradic
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Thanks, Brendon! By style, I meant capsule/pod, filter, or the type that grinds the beans (expensive, I know)! I was wondering which was best in terms of ease of use, value for money, reliability...so best all-round, I suppose!

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