What has been your worst fast-food experience ever?


2 Answers

Roz Soccorro Profile
Roz Soccorro answered

There's nothing worse than making the commitment to ordering a takeaway, enduring the long wait for it to be delivered, only to then be disappointed by the end result.

We ordered a pizza from Dellacasa in Norwich one time - and I don't know if they had run out of dough or if it was simply their standard method of making pizza (I never ran the risk of ordering from them again) but the pizza base was not dissimilar to that of a pastry. It may not have been the *worst* fast food experience, but it was definitely the most bizarre.

Yin And Yang Profile
Yin And Yang answered

I have been lucky to have only found a hair or two in my food and maybe got an order wrong here and there and of course the times something was not in the bag when I got home..... So my answer would have to be the times you have really really BAD customer service! Pfft!

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