How do I become a vegetarian?


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hahahaha this Is an interesting question , my friend is a vegetarian and when people first heard about it they were usually really surprised , and would ask , ' how could you not eat meat' , being a vegetarian isn't actually hard , its just changing what you can eat or cannot eat and in this case, ' meat' , being a vegan is different,  by the way , you can eat egg and fish I think , being a vegetarian is actually quite good , apparently it can boost youre life with 5 yrs but I don't know if that's nonsense or not , its not actually hard to be an vegetarian , unless you really hate vegetables , if not you should be fine though  u may need to take iron pills or liquid if you don't eat vegetables or vegetarian products with iron in it and iron is very important , my friend got anaemia as she didn't take iron tablets and because she didn't eat foods with iron in it like lentils , tofu , good luck on being an vegetarian ;D

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Being vegeterian is not that tough job as now you can find vegan products easily which are healthier for you .And as per the quality alsi I found the Vegan products healthier and also fashionable. If you want to be purely vegeterian or as I can say vegan you can prefer addresschic there you will find the best vegan products which will turn you to be a vegan .

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If You Want To Become A Vegetarian try Doing step by step like first you try not to eat chicken then fish and them don't try to do it all at once.Because then you'll go back to eating meat.

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Becoming a vegetarian is fairly straightforward: You don't eat meat.

Sticking to that regime may be harder for some than others. It may depend on your culture, the diet you've become accustomed to, and your surroundings.

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some say it is easier to wing yourself off of meat be eliminating one group at a time seafood, pork, chicken,beef until you are down to no meat. However i just stopped coldturky one day i was a meat eater then the next a vegetarian

if you find yourself really craving meat there is faux meat in the freezer department morning star makes everything you can think of fake bacon sausage chicken ,bbq ribs these products are really helpful in the transition

try to eat lots of vegetables fruit nuts and grains.

There are some frozen organic products such as amys fake chili, you can buy vegetarian pizzas perogies are vegetarian . I suggest you Vegan diet foods through this you get more results about What is a vegan diet .

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