I take a lot of body building vitamins, can this harm my liver?


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Carl Green answered

There can be some negative consequences. What vitamins are you taking?

Excess vitamin C or zinc can give you muscle cramps and diarrhea for example.

The thing with vitamins is that there is no added benefit to cramming high quantities in your diet. Once you've reached your recommended amount, your body stops absorbing them into the bloodstream in the same way.

Also, overdosing on vitamins is almost impossible to do by accident.

Finally, if you're bodybuilding, I believe you should be focusing on your protein intake as this is what builds muscle mass.

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Jorge Gonzales answered

Many supplements are beneficial to your health,ticking off a long list that includes calcium and vitamin D supplements and multivitamins made by reputable companies. So, Try to use supplements that are natural and safe for you...

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Hanna Whilson answered

I would ask a doctor, if I were you. Or you can read the description online. Personally I use Canada Drugs site for this purpose. Hopefully, you will find it to be useful.

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