Which Vitamin Can Help The Digestive System?


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Li Harrlow answered
There are many vitamins, but none really 'help' the digestive system. But they help other parts of your body via the digestive system.

For example vitamin C helps repair skin cells.

If you wanted to know something that speeds up your digestive system then that would be fibre, which isn't actually a vitamin, although it is found in most fruits a vegs. (apart from carbohydrate based ones such as potatoes)
The best to eat would be very leafy vegs like spinach and a very good 'snack' fruit would be apples and pairs.
Something that speeds up digestion is chili. Though because of the spicy flavour it's hard to eat (I mean a chili not chili sauce). But if you really want to speed up the digestive system that the thing to eat. As well as garlic and onions.
Yes all the less tasty vegs, but it's true.
Just don't eat too much or you'll be on the loo all day.
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Vikas bhatia answered
All vitamins pay their little share for digestion But still there are it is mainly control by the hormones and the hormones that control digestion are gastrin, secretin, and cholecystokinin (CCK).

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