Please Name Some Skimmed Milk Suppliers / Manufacturers From India.


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Milk and milk products are plenty in the states on Punjab and Haryana, Gujarat Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. Some manufacturers of skimmed milk powder is given below.

1) Maxwell Inc. - Ludhiana, Punjab (India)

Along with skimmed milk powder they are Wholesale suppliers and exporters sweetened condensed milk, milk powder, yellow and white butter, cheese and cheese spread. Please get further details from their website :

2) Vaishali Lifecare P. Limited - Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)
They are exporters of skimmed milk. They also supply various types of biscuits and cookies. Please find further details in their website :

3) Latitudes and Longitudes - Pune, Maharashtra (India)
They supply and export skilmmed milk powder, ghee and cheese.
Website: ' target='_blank' class='qa'>

5) Ramsons Dairy Products - New Delhi, Delhi (India)

They are wholesaler and exporter of skimmed milk powder. Other products from them also include instant milk powder, dried skimmed milk, pure ghee, processed and fresh cheese. Website:

6) Indian Dairy - New Delhi, Delhi (India)
They are suppliers and exporters if skimmed milk powder, dairy whiteners, white butter, cheese, lghee, lactose, whey powder, casein, malted powder etc.

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