What drink are you buzzfeed quiz?


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Buzzfeed doesn’t have a “what drink are you?” quiz at the moment, but Brainfall does. 

Buzzfeed seems to rotate which quizzes are live on the site at any one time, so there's a good chance there was once a "What drink are you?" quiz on Buzzfeed too, and they may even bring it back after a period of time.

These quizzes are sort of similar to personality tests in that they ask questions about a person and then match them up with something, in this instance a drink.

If you are looking for drink-related quizzes on Buzzfeed right now, you might be interested in the “what kind of drink are you going to need after work tonight”. This is a fun quiz that asks questions about your day to determine what sort of drink will suit your mood.

Buzzfeed is always adding to their list of quizzes, so if you are looking for one in particular, it might be worthwhile contacting them and letting them know you want to see that quiz on their list.

If you are looking for information on all of the latest quizzes on Buzzfeed, you can find them right here

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