What drink name means bury demons?


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The Japansese drink, o-toso, is a type of sake traditionally consumed on New Year's Day. The name literally means 'evil spirit defeated' but in a more colloquial sense, to 'bury demons.'

O-toso is made by steeping a mixture of spices, including cinnamon, rhubarb and a type of Japanese pepper called sansho, in sake for seven to eight hours, or overnight during New Year's Eve.

One Drink Lasts You a Year!

The drink is then consumed during the morning of New Year's Day. O-toso is said to prevent common ailments such as colds, and one serving on New Year's Day is believed to prevent such illnesses for the whole year ahead! Each family member, young and old, would take a drink, for their good health, and visitors would also be offered some o-toso.

Although once a common tradition, the practice appears to be dying out in modern Japan.

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