What Does Pasteurized Mean?


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Pasteurized is a term to describe something that has been heat treated to destroy bacteria. It is the adjective form of pasteurization. Pasteurization refers to the process of heating food for the purpose of killing harmful organisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, moulds, and yeasts. Thus anything that has been subjected to the process of pasteurization is said to be pasteurized. This term is generally used in relation to milk as it kills bacteria that might cause disease or spoilage. It is term derived from Louis Pasteur who discovered the process of pasteurization.

Apart from milk nowadays a lot of stuff like cheese, juices etc are also pasteurized. Some believe that it make it healthier while some are of the opinion that it also destroys certain vitamins like vitamin B6. Therefore many consume raw milk. But pregnant women and people with weak immune systems are advised to drink only pasteurized milk.

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