Are nutrition supplements safe? Someone suggested that I use nutrition supplements for body building. Is there is any side effect of it? I am confused that use it or not. Please help me to clear my doubt.


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Supplements like vitamins, and protein are safe when used correctly. Too much protein can affect your kidney function though. Best thing to do is consult your doctor, maybe get a baseline set of lab work, then proceed with body building under his/her care so they can monitor your progress and see if you have any changes in your lab work.

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Without a doubt, we can lose weight simply by eating right and exercise. But to truly maximize your growth potential, supplements are a requirement. It depends on the brands, which are good for the health. I highly recommended you Egg whites 24/7 as the best supplement to build without including extra fat into the diet. It is a high quality pasteurized a free of salmonella and cholesterol. If you have doubt about using it, the best thing to do consult with the doctor.

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It depends on the brands, if they are really do what they told, that's good for the health, as we always need some nutrition for building or adding to our body. There are many of them, we can't have all of them from food in our daily life, so check them carefully before having them.

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Consult a dietologist. Most fitness centres employ such people, so you won't have problems finding one. And avoid the bad stuff at any cost. There are substances that can really pump you up fast, but afterwards everything goes to hell.

In short - yes, supplements are great and safe, but you should consult a professional to prepare a program.

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If you know how to take them and use only the best ones, you will be fine. I would like to recommend you to try those supplements from You can order them there from iHerb with some cool discounts which will help you save some money and try more different ones. Hope I was helpful to you here ;)

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