If you request to see the kitchen before dining at a restaurant, is there any obligation on their side to honor that request?


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It could also be a liability issues for them if you slip or get hurt somehow.

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I worked at a sushi restaurant (Yo! Sushi) a few years ago. We had an open kitchen right in the middle of the restaurant, separated only by a conveyor belt of food... So people could see pretty much everything.

As far as I know, there's no obligation on restaurants to show you their kitchens. Most usually will though, especially if it's to allay concerns that customers may have.

But as others have mentioned, restaurant managers need to be careful who ventures into their kitchens... If someone slips, gets burned, injures themselves... Then that could be a pretty serious law suit.

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They could maybe have the person or persons sign a waiver stating that they are entering at their own risk but maybe the insurance that they already have to have on their place of business would cover any accident or accidents inside the kitchen and elsewhere....
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No, there isn't and they can use safety rules or cleanliness rules if they don't want you to see the kitchen. I think they should let people see the kitchens where they make the food you eat as I've seen some that were pretty bad and would never eat there again. They're not obligated but a few restaurants have let me see their kitchens. The better ones who strive for quality and cleanliness will let you see them.

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If they have nothing to hide, I think they should honor your request. It only makes good business sense to me..... (:

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No, the liability issues alone would keep you out. Some places will send employees home if they don't have the right shoes on.

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I don't think it's an option.

Unknown people coming into the kitchen may bring germs. I think it'd be a liberty to ask.

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