What's a cool name for a snack restaurant? I'm planning to put up a small restaurant but i don't know what to name yet. I need something cool and unusual.


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Yo Kass answered

Ok this is a bit random, but I was actually thinking about restaurant names today... And it won't make any sense if you aren't planning to sell chicken, but I think someone needs to launch a chicken restaurant called Los Pollos Hermanos.

It's the name of a fried chicken franchise in the TV show Breaking Bad, and it's got cult status, so I'm pretty sure just calling your restaurant that will guarantee some free press and loads of customers. I'd eat there for sure!

Even if it was just a food truck or a stand or something... It's a business opportunity waiting to happen (provided there are no copyright issues with the creators of the show I guess).

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Jazlyn Bell answered

Make it unique to you. You're last name is Chan so you can try and make something cool with Chan or Anika in the title. Or what your favorite hobby is or what kind of snacks you sell, like if they're mostly sweets or nutritious. You could use Sweety Chan or Healthy Anika. Good luck! :>

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Bradley Lomax answered

This, thinking a little out of the box but hear me out, what if you go for a bizarre even possibly controversial name like "carbonated clown genocide" maybe even " sounds of a stroke the too much food edition" or "we thought of letting Chairman Mao pilot a blimp" or anything to that accord. 

How would this attract potential visitors ? Think about it people we would be confused and wander in out of curiosity to see what's inside.  Also I would recommend putting reacently unpackaged or old furniture around and hang up wierd paintings like famous portraits with little cut outs of politicians over the top. 

At this point you've made a very unconventional restaurant and the customer will be like aaaaa this too much to handle I need something to drink (also serve alcohol) Eventually your restaurant will get coverage off a news website and declare your restaurant to be awesomely weird then finally you will have attained somewhat of an attraction notoriety and people will come to see this cult attraction.

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