If you were going to open a new restaurant, what would the theme/cuisine be like? And what would be on the menu?


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I would open a pizza restaurant. Of course we will have pizza with any topping desired but, we'd also have pizza roast beef, pizza tacos, pizza french fries, pizza salad, pizza bread sticks, pizza con carne, pizza wraps, pizza stew, pizza parmesan, pizza spaghetti, pizza on a stick, pizza burgers and a variety of pizza deserts, such as pizza cheese cake.

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It would be American food. Korean BBQ Tacos. Rouladen beef noodle Pho. Pad Thai Spaghetti. Ceviche spring rolls with peanut sauce. Guacamole filled samosas. Etc

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I think it's high time we had a kangaroo restaurant where we would offer,

Kangaroo and mushrooms in oyster sauce.
Roo-tail soup.
Ragout of roo.
For our Japanese clients, kangaroo sushi.
For Americans, kangaroo jerky.
For the English, kangaroo with eggs and chips.
For teens, kangaroo burgers.
For our Spanish clients, chillied cojone of kangaroo.

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Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
Would the Ragout of Roo be called Roogout?
dragonfly forty-six
Or, spaghettioo's. Or, Lasupial. Beer is all good. :))
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
@Hippy: Since "ragout" is pronounced "ragoo" I don't think we should say it like that. Roo Goo just doesn't sound very appetising.

@Dragonfly: I will accept your suggestion as a job application. The position of pasta chef will be yours as soon as we open. :)
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I have thought of this because I'm tired of not finding a really consistently good restaurant to eat at. I would have a huge garden. I would live above the restaurant. The menu would be varied, but always fresh. Everything homemade. Very simple menu. I wouldn't do it for profit, just my want to feed people excellent food at a reasonable, fair price.

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just keep the menu simple, food like hot dogs, burgers, fries, onion rings, chicken strips, milkshakes, baked apple pie and ice cream, and soda... I wouldn't add other stuff like Mcdonalds did.

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