Ok this might be stupid, but why does it seem that whenever sandwiches are cut on a diagonal, they seem to taste better/we enjoy them more?


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I don't know, but they always look bigger too.

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I think it's a subconscious comfort thing.....mom and grandma always cut sandwiches diagonally. Just feels like home.

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I'm diagonal cutter. Mrs Didge prefers hers cut square. *Sigh* Women are so unimaginative.

I think it's probably because , although my mother used to cut my school lunches on the square, she cut picnic lunches diagonally. Three score and ten years later I still tend to associate diagonal cuts with having fun.

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Because you get to bite into the middle first rather than go through the crust.

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Any chef will tell you that presentation plays a big part in our food enjoyment.  I guess that's why moms cut sandwiches diagonally :)

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I have also experienced this phenomenon, and I honestly think it would be interesting to get some scientific exploration into the subject.

I have a few theories:

  • Cutting sandwiches diagonally exposes the longest possible stretch of un-crusted bread, making for better moisture distribution.
  • The filling is usually found in the center of the sandwich
  • Perhaps the act of compressing the filling between two slices of bread, and then exposing the central filling area encourages increased oxidation which may have an effect on the chemical composition of the sandwich.

I found a few other suggestions via Buzzfeed which were quite interesting:


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Mmm, don't think that sandwiches shape matter. It only matters how hungry you are.

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