What is your favourite food?


11 Answers

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Ancient Hippy answered

Pizza, the best food in the world. Pizza is mentioned in the Bible, Quran and the Torah. It's even been found in Egyptian pyramids, buried in its own stone pizza box, right next to king Tut. Columbus even sailed with a wood fired pizza oven on his exploration ships. Evidence of a pizza parlor has also been found on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

Corey The Goofyhawk Profile
Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I will never tire of answering this question!! PIZZA!!

Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

A nice plate of beans by the campfire ! LOL

otis otiscambell Profile

Mexican food I live on my own hot sauce

ly fen chen Profile
ly fen chen answered

I love vegetables food since I was young and I think it's good for the health too, like diet. I seldom eat meat in order to be healthy and to keep the weight as well.

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