For those who remember penny candy, what was your favorite?


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I can't remember the name but my favorite was long flat black licorice rolled around a red candy ball. They looked sorta like tires.

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SuperFly Original
I used to shop at target once a week for years and suddenly they stopped selling "dog gummies" and Ive literally spent hours trying to find anything on them. Like they fell off the planet.
Ancient Hippy
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I don't recall ever seeing dog gummies SuperFly. Those licorice things that I was talking about were popular when I was a kid and that was a loooooong time ago.
SuperFly Original
well this wasn't that long ago. And I bought them once a week for years! I asked an employee and he said they stopped selling them. Thats why its mind boggling I cant find even a pic of one.
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Straw Mallow candies ... I remember vividly they were 3 for one cent .. And I could buy a small paper bag full of 'em for 10 cents.  Another memory is the store owner's hands digging up and counting those candies to put in the bag .. I'm glad I didn't know then, what i know now about bacteria on peoples hands that handle money, sweep floors, stock shelves, scratch their butts etc etc etc without washing their hands before they hand out unwrapped food products.

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SuperFly Original
LOL they should be in a wrappers. Still wonder who did the chicago tylenol murders. Thank god for safety seals!
Bikergirl Anonymous
Yes .. they should be .. and are now. Due to health regulations they can't even be sold like that anymore .. and rightly so.

Back then .. so many things were treated differently than they are now .. and for the most part, rightfully so.
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Penny candies? What will I hear next, ALIENS?

Joking. I'm not old here. Now I have to google penny candies

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SuperFly Original
Damn that is crazy. How bankrupt we are now... nothing is cheap. I live in NJ its hard to just pay for a cars gas and insurance and a place to live or rent! I just cant believe how expensive things are. My sisters boyfriend in debt too just to get his education. I remember not far back, but around 2009/10 or so things started going down hill. I went 2 dollars over the credit account I had (i was unaware that ebay will put you in debt spending money you dont have) and I ended up with almost 60 dollars negative in my account!
SuperFly Original
And I always wished I could have been back in time, the world seemed much more fun and less stressful back then.
SuperFly Original
Yeah that is true. I was joking here, besides the comment of course.

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