If you were to meet a chef and have them make you anything, who would it be and what would they make you?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Mario Batali !  Anything Italian ! That man can cook ! But probably, Linguini and clams! 

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Veronica Dultry answered

Ina Garten. The barefoot contessa could make me anything. But I think I would like her Beef Bourgingnon and her 3 tiered, anniversary chocolate cake that she made for hubby Jeffrey.

Edit: I would also have Jiro Ono make me sushi. To dine at his table would be a dream come true.

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Awesome Autumn answered

Chef Gordon Ramsay, and he'd make me Macaroni and Cheese. Homemade macaroni and cheese. 😊😀

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I'd have Scott Conant make me a fresh made Italian feast!

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Didge Doo answered

Without question, I would choose Henry Crabbe, chef extraordinaire from Pie in the Sky, and would order his famous cottage pie followed by his unique passion fruit sorbet.

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Rath Keale
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Mmmmmmmmmmmm .
I showed the biker video to a couple of friends and we all,agree that our bikers are lagging far behind your bikers in terms of usefulness and courtesy.
Didge Doo
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It looked better on big screen TV, especially when they gave the back-up story.
We had another one a few years ago (I couldn't find it on YouTube or I'd have posted them together) when three men mugged a student as he passed a hall, walking home from the train station. Inside the hall was a ninjitsu doj. One of them saw what was happening, the whole dojo erupted out onto the footpath and the thugs were, ummm... restrained until the police arrived.
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Daan Scatozza answered

Honest answer: Chef: My dad, food: Pasta

better food, or rather drink: HOLY GRAIL!!! (makes you immortal)

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Janis Haskell answered

If my husband were still here, I would have him make me his wonderful beef stroganoff .... I have the recipe, but it's just not the same.

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Yo Kass answered

I'd probably ask them to "surprise me", although right now I wouldn't say no to a juicy medium rare chargrilled steak.

As for who... I'd pick one of my friends called Jared. I haven't seen him since he went back to New Zealand, but he's a great chef!

Here's a video of him making an awesome burrito:

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Jessica Mills answered

Nice one, Bubbs ^.^

I would like Jamie Oliver to surprise me with something. Some kind of comforting food. And he's also really funny and nice, and, andd cute :))

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