How long do you think KFC is going to keep making those dumb commercials? Colonel Sanders has been dead for years and having someone impersonate him is pretty low. Are they bad off for sales?


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The first guy that portrayed Col. Sanders was an embarrassment to the company. The new guy, Norm Macdonald isn't much better. Like you said, he's dead, leave it at that.

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They're trying to distract people from the 4 legged mutated chickens they are reproducing.

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I will, it's tues morning & I just got back from my first PT. I had a student, they had to explain to him that I was an abnormal patient. My range of motion was excellent with no pain. Yay
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He was a student, the therapist had to explain to him "this is NOT a normal patient". I came home & took a nap
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My luck will one day run out but not today. Woohoo
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At least he isn't as creepy as the plastic headed Burger King they had a couple of years ago. EWWW! (Shivers!)

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I don't like the far as KFC? I can't remember the last time I ate that greasy stuff...blech!

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