Should I put my sugar in my tea after I put the hot water in, or when it cools down and gets warm enough to drink?


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Gena Lorainne answered

If you pour the sugar right after the hot water the energy disparity between the molecules of the water and those of the sugar might lead to tearing down molecules which on its behalf might lead to tearing down atoms(if the water is being heated for at least minute and a half in the microwave and the sugar has been in the fridge the whole time - a too great of energy disparity)

Therefore leading to a nuclear reaction with enormous energies released. You can literally blow up your town if you add the sugar right after the very hot water.

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PJ Stein answered

Always add the sugar to hot water so that it dissolves. Once it has cooled down it seems like there is always undissolved sugar at the bottom. Every good southerner knows this. That is why we put sugar in our sweet tea when it is hot.

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Samuel Eaves answered

I always do it right after and let it cool down. The sugar dissolves quicker.

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