Do you have anyone in your family that drinks out of the milk carton?


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I do it :D haha

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I do it, but I am the only one who drinks milk in my house. And I only do it when it gets low and I know there won't be any guest drinking milk.

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HelpStop AnimalAbuse
Thank you, i expect cookies as well Lol!! I am doing good. Chemo is throwing my health around quite a bit but the symptons of Parkinson's are definitely diminishing which is good. I don't think i have been on here for about a week. I don't know if i mentioned it before but we won the first prize of our $2 jackpot lottery in Sydney,Australia & we got $100,000 which is awsome so we will be coming over sooner rather than later. We will go from Sydney-Los Angeles-New York-London-Paris-Sydney which will be fun. I have been asked to train some staff in Animal Handling Skills & Obedience training from some various Animal Welfare Organisations in the USA. The timing of the Lottery Win is just perfect with my medical bills & our wedding plans can be dealt without having any financial stress.

So how are you? Is Halloween coming up soon? What does Halloween actually represent? How did it actually come in to existence? There are some people in Australia which celebrate it but not many people.

Hope you are well. I am actually will be meeting some of the people from & this site. (Merlin,Reverend Hosanna & some others). It will be nice to put a face to a name. Do you live anywhere near LA or NYC?
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Congrats on the lottery win! The trip sounds fun. The most we have ever won in the lottery has been about $150, but a win is a win! I am in Florida so, no, I am not near LA or NYC. I don't envy you the plane ride. I just flew to Hawaii and back and I couldn't wait to get off the plane!

I haven't been to LA, so you will have to tell me how you like it. I was born about an hour north of NYC, and have been there a couple times. I think it is a great place to visit, but I am not a city person. I need my woods.

I like Paris too. I only spent a few days there, but I would love to spend a month to really check it out. It is a beautiful city.

Halloween is next weekend. It is the eve of a Christian holiday, All Hallow's Eve. Or the eve of All Saint's Day, but it has it roots in the pagan holiday Samhain. It is the harvest festival where the pagans would wear masks of animals and dance around. How it got to children going to house to house begging for candy, known as trick or treating I don't know. I do enjoy seeing the little ones dressed up though. I moved to a new neighborhood, so I don't know how many kids I will actually get.

When you meet up with the ask people tell them I said Hi!
HelpStop AnimalAbuse
Wow i would have never had guessed that Halloween was linked to religion in some way. I haven't been to the USA for many years & last time i was there i was carrying too much money on me & somebody spotted me trying to find a smaller note than a $100 note & saw me going through all my wad of cash & i almost got kidnapped (Seriously). When we came out of the movies these guys had this long stretch Limo waiting for me to exit the cinema & when i walked out they tried to grab me & put me in the Limo but i managed to break free & get back inside the cinema & eventually my friend turned up with his car & got away safely. It was partly my own fault because all your money looks the same,same colour, same size & i must have had about $1000 on me which is pretty stupid. I have never been so scared in my life.

In Australia all our notes are different colours & sizes.

$5 Pink
$10 Blue
$20 Orange
$50 Yellow
$100 Green

A lot of tourists call it monopoly money, which is not too far off the mark. Anyhow, i have to go & cook dinner for 8 dogs,1 cat & my beautiful Fiancee. Always great to hear from you. You always brighten up my day. I'm signing off now so take care & i hopefully will speak to you soon. See Ya from Jana,Stuart,Chloe (The cat),Milly,Mojo,Don Don,Spyro,Kelly,Soxy,Sherlock & Tiger!!
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My grandpa does.  He backwashes.  It's really gross.  We have to buy two or more cartons of milk, or he'll drink out of all of them.

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I don't drink out of the milk carton, partly because I don't drink much milk. Sometimes I'll drink out of a bottle of Coke or something... But usually when there are no witnesses.

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