Should the legal drinking age be lowered?


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ohhh no it should be higher. But that just my opinion.

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Eh Id have to agree with the fact that at 18 you should be able to
buy alcohol just like you can risk your life for the governments sake.
But I honestly do not care personally, I had my fun like most others because its
easy to get and likely in your own home. Just like underage kids get cigarettes. In NJ the legal smoking age got raised to 19, which I think we are the only state or first state to do that. And it does not make sense! Why? Because the truth is: If the government cared about your health so much they wouldnt allow the sales of CIGARETTES in the first place!

I just don't like much about alcohoI and I dont see what the big deal is about it.

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My age 19* (typo)
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The sad thing is the woman who killed my friend (DWI) didn't go to Jail & got only a 6 month suspended sentence & it was her 3rd DUI conviction & only lost her license for 12 months. Simply unbelievable. I am a bit surprised your limit is 0.08,thats a fair bit of alcohol in your blood.
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That is crazy, 3rd DUI does not prove enough someone is unfit to drive and there judgement is sufficient? wacky.
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No. Studies show that regular drinking at that is more harmful than when older. You brain doesn't fully develop until you are 25 so adding alcohol and damaging that process isn't a wise move.

For the record I am old enough that I was legal at 18. My state raised the legal drinking age to 19 a few months before I turned 19. Their reasoning was to get alcohol out of the high schools. And it was a big problem then. I knew kids that were at keg parties every weekend. Another kept a bottle of wine in her locker. One student even showed how to plug a watermelon with vodka as his demonstration speech in English class. Since they have raised the drinking age to 21 teen traffic fatalities have gone to less that half of what they were in 1980. So, no. There is no valid reason to lower the drinking age.

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Ive only drank at home, unless its like a tiny glass of wine at thanksgiving. The only times I over did alcohol were on new years parties, at my own home. With my own family. But you do make a good point about the developing of our brains. I am also 19.

And again, Im mood on this subject. I don't feel strongly either way honestly.
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Absolutely not. Its already 18 and most 18 year olds aren't responsible enough to be drinking. Besides, at the moment it seems to be kids as young as 14 or 15 getting drunk at house parties. Lowering the age limit would only encourage that, surely.

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I understand that you're asking this from Australia where the drinking age is already 18. You want to lower it to what ... 16?

Absolutely not.

It's bad enough that Bill Shorten wants to lower the voting age to 16. That's sheer desperation in the face of an election he knows he can't win.

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I guess it depends, I know in the state of Wisconsin if a person with their parents is in a bar they can be served alcoholic beverages, and I agree with this. However to purchase them alone under 18/21 should be illegal. Most of the world is 18 to purchase them on their own, I do feel it should be raised to 21, and it would get high school students out of the ability to purchase alcohol.

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Nope it shouldn't. If you feel you can drink with maturity, without causing trouble & putting lives in danger and knowing your limits. You can drink at anytime with parents involved or at anytime if you trust yourself enough.i drank lots of time below drinking age & never caused any problem.  Just a bit each time in my daily routine & my mother knew it. So fine! Cause I knew my limits.

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