Can whey protein Gold standard be consumed on a daily basis, considering that I am not too enthusiastic about working out regularly? If yes, in what quantity? Thanks.


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This is comparable to putting premium fuel in a car that runs on regular gas, wasting money.

The point of supplementing protein is to provide nourishment and rebuilding material to tissue broken down by strenuous exercise, or to provide protein in a diet otherwise devoid of it. If neither of these apply to you, then as Moga Deet said, your kidneys may be at risk.

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Just consuming protein won't do a thing to help you increase your strength or muscle mass.  Consuming excess protein, over the long run, stresses your kidneys and is dangerous. 

There is no substitute for exercise!  You don't need to spend a lot of time.  Working with low weights consistently will get you toned.  Just have a set of  5-lbs. Weights and lift while you watch TV.  With low weights, you can lift every day.

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