Anyone have any good plans for the week-end? I just got a new BBQ, so you know what I'll be doing. How about you?


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Since you got a new bbq, so weekend plan can be made like i can come to your residence for party. ; )

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I have 3 friends whose birthdays are coming up soon and it's nearly xmas, so I'll be doing a lot of present-buying!

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Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
I never was very good at it either! Sometimes I would just ask them ! LOL
PJ Stein
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I can give you some help on future present buying. It won't help now, but in the future it will be great. Anytime you are hanging around with someone listen to them and take note when they say they need or can use something. I went to a wedding with a friend and she didn't have a nice clutch purse. So for Christms I bought her one. She was so happy to get it!

This year I went on a family vacation and my sister-in-law borrowed my husband's headphones on the plane. She said she needed to get a pair for herself. (They are sitting on my dining room table waiting to be wrapped.)

I was at my niece's house the other day and she didn't have any wine glasses. I found a really great sale this week on them. I was able to get her 6 red wine glasses, 6 white wine glasses and 6 champagne flutes.

Just listen throughout the year and buy the gift when on sale. You save money and get people what they want.
Taylor Brookes
Taylor Brookes commented
I'll try to remember that. I had a great idea for one of them. My friend ''E'' brought a book and leant it to my friend ''N''who then lost it, so I was going to get ''E'' a new copy for their birthday, but I just found out that ''N'' found it :\
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I'm going to go spend the day with my dad for his birthday on Sunday. :)

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I'm having a nice sit down dinner with my kids and their SO. Then on Friday I'm spending the day watching my little nephews and niece play at the arboretum. They are at those ages where everything is new and exciting. Their exuberance is contagious.

On a sad note I am watching my favorite pushed-in-face kitty( Persian). He is 20, and his health is declining. My bestie is going to Vegas. We think we will be putting him and my dog down around the same time. So, we are spending as much time with both of them.

If it gets crazy I'll be heading to your house, if you don't mind. I'll bring something yummy to eat.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

That sounds like an excellent excuse for me to leave work early today! Although, it would take me about 2-3 days to get there from NC, lol.

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So what kind of BBQ did you end up getting?

Me?  I'm going to try making my Irish Cream ice cream (with chocolate, salted caramel swirl).

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My weekends half over and it's too freakin cold to bbq here now sooo grrrrr ;) but so far I've had a good weekend , I hung out with my niece Friday afternoon and evening,  AWESOME ! Spent the day visiting my dad , also AWESOME! And tonight I'm gonna be lazy and stay in because I need some me time .. So AWESOME :) Sunday.. Laundry and housework probably , NOT AWESOME ! But necessary :) 

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My niece and I were suppose to go to a huge antique show but she had too many other things pop up this weekend. I am thinking about going to the DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts instead. I am just hoping the rain holds out.

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