OK, tell the truth! How many people really like and eat Fruitcake?


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I've had it on occasion and it wasn't to bad. Don't get me wrong, though. It's no Pecan Pie, but it's alright.

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I can't eat it, can't get past the fruit that looks like it came from a different planet!

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Ancient Hippy
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I think fruitcakes are the turds of space aliens.
Jann Nikka
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LOL YEP LOL. This has got to be the most hilarious answer ever. LOL
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I tried it once and now I'll use a gifted fruitcake for a door stop. Terrible tasting stuff.

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Ancient Hippy
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After baking fruitcake, it must sit for 32 years to harden. By that time all of the alcohol would evaporate out.
PJ Stein
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Now I want to buy a fruitcake just to see if i can set it on fire!
Ancient Hippy
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Gator, maybe you'll discover a new energy source.
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UGH! I tried it once. I have an issue just getting past the smell of it. My mother-in-law like it, though. But she has questionable tastes.

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Explanation of Fruitcake:

(Fruitcake is a cake made with chopped candied fruit and/or dried fruit, nuts, and spices, and soaked in spirits)

It's picture.

Who's gonna eat that for goodness's sake ???? !!! I look at the pic and i feel i can't eat anything for few days straight!!! Just read the explanation, it shakes me!!!

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We have a joke in my family. When the kids were younger I told them that if they ever catch me eating a fruitcake or wearing gold shoes, it means their mother has dementia or is having a psychotic episode. So, that's their cue to render me some help.

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I like Dark Fruitcake. It is moist (assuming you eat it fresh) and tasty. The light fruitcake, (as pictured by Matt Radiance) is dry and tasteless. Bring me a fresh dark fruitcake anyday!

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Don't get me wrong, I LOVE baking more then anything. But before my grandparents 50th anniversary, my grandma asked me to bake a cake. So I was extremely excited to help. Then I found out it was fruit cake mushing canned, dried fruit into a bowl. When I was baking it it didn't seem that bad. But then came the anniversary and I didn't want to make my grandparents feel bad so I took a piece of fruit cake and boy oh boy. I couldn't believe I baked something so disgusting LOL.

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I am one of them

I only eat Fruit cakes that look like this though

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i would rather vanilla than rum since im not allowed to even touch the stuff
Your nephew sounds awesome
SuperFly Original
How is it made then? is that even fruitcake
Linilla Schmidt
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Yes! Are you ready? I emailed him for the recipe last night here it is: I’m honored you remembered it!

by Nancy Gendron

Fruitcake is not often a very welcome gift. This is a fruitcake recipe that many declared fruitcake-haters admitted to liking, because it is not gummy or alcoholic.

•1-1/4 lb candied fruits (red & green cherries, pineapple)
•1/2 lb butter
•1-1/8 cup sugar
•5 eggs
•1/2 lb dates, cut up and seedless
•2 cups flour
•3/4 lb pecans
•1/8 cup orange juice (or grapefruit = Miami)

Preheat oven 250°F. Butter and flour two loaf pans
Whip butter until creamy and add it to sugar. Add eggs, one at a time.
Mix fruit with juice. Add fruit & other ingredients. Flour and nuts last-
Bake 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Use a toothpick moisture test to be sure it’s not too wet or too dry.

Makes two small (5x9”) loaves. Dust with pwd. sugar
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I love fruitcake, but actually only those that are made without the fruits known as "nuts."

And that means I have to make my own.  I first made it about 40 years ago from a recipe I found in a cookbook and just made it without the nuts.

Rave reviews from my friends.

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