Is it safe to use aluminum pans or aluminum foil?


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Someone from the UK told me that I should NOT put aluminum in the refrigerator. The results were confusing on google but I dont think its true. 

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I've heard that aluminum foil is harmless to the user if used to block the mind probing rays of aliens.

Apparently, however, cooking acidic foods in aluminum pans can lead to leaching of the metal into the food; so some sites recommend the use of parchment paper when using them.

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There was a study about 50 years ago that said their was a connection between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease. With ll the countless studies since there hs never been nother connection. Other than tht there has not been anything tht conclusively says aluminum is bd for you. And if it were, pans and foil would be at the bottom af the list of things to be conncerned about. Deordorant would be at the top.

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Yes and they make great hats.

Old question used by Aikou Foil (do you think that's his real name?) to'll never guess? 

Aluminium foil pans.

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