I use the same cup everyday and I wash it at least once everyday before I use it again. But I'm being told that if I don't wash my cup after each use that I'll get sick? Is this true? I'm not pouring different liquids into the cup.


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I have to agree with DDX, it depends on what you're drinking. Milk bad, water, I sometimes go for a few days with the same water glass, as long as it was empty when I used it last. Bourbon, I go sometimes a week with the same glass, again as long as it was empty the last time I used it.

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This is all I can tell you.  I have a cup I use literally constantly.  I too only wash it once a day. I've been doing this for many years and have have absolutely no problem. 

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Depends on what you're drinking. If it's milk.. Ewwww.... As in not milk eww. But dried up stale milk stain ewww.

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It's not milk. I wash the cup every morning before use but there's a time where I'm not drinking anything. I leave the empty cup somewhere and some person I know is saying the air can contaminate it and something about bacteria?
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Control freaks insist you do things their way and they will come up with reasons for it. If someone is telling you they want you to wash your cup every time you use it and that you will become ill if you don't, they seem to have control issues.

Evaluate the situation. If it's not too much trouble and it will keep the peace, wash the cup, but if they are trying to control every little detail about how you live and move and breathe, you may have to figure out something to do about it.

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It is not true. I use the same cup throughout the day. I may or may not rinse it before using it again. At the end of the day I rinse it out a final time and put it in the dishwasher. The germs on the cup are your germs. You are not going to get sick from yourself.

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