CNN or Fox News? Which do you prefer?


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I prefer to get my news from online sources and to evaluate them from my personal perspectives. After reading hundreds (and sometimes more than that) of news articles every week for over a decade, it is possible to gain a feel for the manipulation and motives behind news pieces. Sometimes it is obvious when news writers are trying to manipulate your mind or when they have an agenda, because the writers themselves are often not all that smart and I suspect those over them giving them orders aren't always all that smart either.

The closest I get to television news is Headline News, but even with that, if you let the pieces they play in the morning loop several times, you can pick up on the messages they are trying to plant. I don't knowingly allow those with an agenda to muck around inside my brain.

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A.O.G Firepower answered

Foxx news is  trustworthy more than the crap news network.

Foxx i trust them CNN and a lot of other news company's they all like to put a bunch of crap out there just for the money and views 

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