Should McDonalds, Wendy and Burger King, employees cashiers be paid $15 an hour? I say NO! But give them $10.50.


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I think the job should pay what the market suggests.  This position of employment is no different that all the rest. It offers a position at a certain rate .. That is the offer.

If a person needs $15 an hour paying job to support their lifestyle, they should go and find one.

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Maurice Korvo answered

It depends where you are. Here (Canada) each province or territory has a different minimum wage. (NWT the minimum is $12.50, but it is very costly to live up there)  Alberta it is $11.20, but is going up to $15.00 by 2018.  But things cost more here than in parts of the US.  When the min wage in Alberta was $10.20 MacDonalds  workers hourly wage was about $11.00. (but oil field labourers we getting $35.00 / hour)

Oh yeah, that is Canadian dollars  .. about 70% of US dollars

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Hard for me to say as I rarely go near those places but I do agree that $15.00 an hour is too much money. But it will be law here soon, so there's not much we can do! Maybe it will attract more mature employees compared to most I've ever dealt with.

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PJ Stein answered

No. I went to college. I supervised 10 people and had to account for nearly half a million dollars on a daily basis, while following pages of federal regulations, and I didn't make that. So why would someone who flips burgers or bags the burgers make that much?  Fast food restaurants are entry level jobs and are not designed to be held by people who are suppose to be paying rent off that salary. It is someplace for you to show you have a work ethic and have the willingness to do a job. After you put in  the time there you either go into management for more money or find a job that has better pay.

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Skip Gentry answered

No. I think it should be a minimum pay job. Mostly for beginners. People who work fast food need to work themselves up to higher paying jobs like the rest of us did. I worked for 40 years and never got to $15.00 an hour.

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I'm for any amount that would enable a person to live on their own. By that I mean able to rent an apartment, buy food and do other normal things everyone else does.

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Woof Woofy answered

i wouldn't care either way, i rarely ever go to the places.

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Yes, they end up spending most of their money anyway so it's a very good thing. Most of the people who work in these jobs are probably trying to get through school. They have the option to flourish. School isn't cheap. Gas isn't cheap. And sometimes they want sneakers like all the other kids. They might save a bit, but the majority of their money is going towards something. And that is a very very good thing for the economy.

I understand that there are people who make close to 15 dollars and how they would feel. These people tend to be more stagnant. They tend to be much older. They're less likely to be back in school anytime soon. They made the decisions to be where they are. It's not a well-kept secret what an EMT or a person on an assembly line makes. They knew exactly what they got into and that it wasn't going to be all glamour and rainbows.

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