Have you heard about wood pulp being put in parmesian cheese or added to it?i think alot of cheaper cheeses have additives that are not cheese because the way it does not melt what do you think?


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I read about that in the newspaper and don't doubt it at all. I think we eat a lot more than we know of, in our food.

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Until about 3 years ago, I was living in a small town in western Kentucky. Seriously, the only place to shop in this town was WalMart. When I wanted Parmesan cheese, all I could get was that "fake" stuff in the shaker.  I'm so glad I've moved to a town where my Kroger has a actual cheese shop with actual real cheese.  I do a lot of Italian cooking so being able to get actual cheese is nice.

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I've heard about it a while ago and heard that some has a lot more wood products in it now. Haven't bought any of that for over a year now but just buy a good chunk of Parmigiano- Reggiano and grate my own as needed.

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Grosses me out!  They put cellulose on shredded cheese too, to keep it from clumping.  I shred my mozzarella from a block to bake pizza.  It saves money too!  Fresh mozzarella is expensive, but it's sooo goood! 

But the grossest is the "singles."  They aren't even allowed to call it cheese or even "cheese food."  To have the word cheese in the label, it has to be at least 51% cheese.  Less than half is real?!?! 😖

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