Anyone have real Japanese ramen? Not the kind you make by boiling in water but the kind you get at a restaurant. I really want to try it as it looks delicious.


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Yeah, there's a ramen shop connected to this huge Japanese supermarket that I grab ramen from every chance I get. There's always a huge line regardless of the time of day. You have to grab a ticket until your number is called which usually takes around an hour on the busiest days. So I would grab one and go grocery shopping for uni and sashimi.  A basic bowl costs around 14$ + you usually get additional plates of meat and a rice bowl with salmon roe. $25 total for a hearty lunch.

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Yes I have.  There's a great restaurant here that serves it.  It isn't a ramen restaurant but they have a couple of choices on the menu.  SOOOOOOO YUMMY

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