How does caffeine affect the body?


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Caffeine is very similar to Adrenalin, Ephedrine and other similar compounds. So it has a stimulating/awaking effect on the human anatomy.

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Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
:) If it worked for your son (however it did) I'm on your side. :)
Charles Davis
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Meh, I gave up on natural medicine soon after, but did see some correlations with chemical meds and natural ones.
Ray Dart
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You use what works, don't you? I had an epileptic, asthmatic daughter. She is grown up and gorgeous now. I'm still not sure what treatments "natural" or otherwise got her to her current picture of health.
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I can't function with out my first cup of coffee in the morning :) I get extremely irritable and head pains... I had no idea how addicted I was to cafine until one day my kerig broke down and I was whacking it with a butter knife in a temper fit of rage :/

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Half cup 🍵 or less and I'm up for 2 days, my heart is beating 500 miles a second and then I'm hyperventilating, scared and freaking out.

I stay away from coffee and caffeine.

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Sometimes caffeine is good to do sports

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