this morning the news said bottled water outsold sodas. so do you buy bottled water? i do not its a landfill waste


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I have a water filter but I still buy some bottled water here and there. But ! I always put the bottles in the recycle bin for pick-up. Always !

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Jann Nikka
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Rooster Cogburn
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California is real strict about recycling. That's why I have three garbage bin. Green waste, recyclables, and trash.
otis campbell
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yes california is up but the soda companies are making big money on bottled water when everybody can filter it like u do and just buy a one jug to carry around
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Sometimes I need a bottle of Fiji water. I love that water. We have filtered water and containers to carry said water, but sometimes I'll splurge. I'll buy a Fiji water before soda or alcohol.

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I buy bottled water, but try not to use. I have a water filter I drink from, but if I am heading out the door for a hike I might freeze a couple of bottled waters to bring. I agree regarding the land fill.

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No, NEVER. I abhor those plastic bottles. Recycled or not, they still end up in streams, landfills, in the street, in birds nests, etc. Plastic water bottles are right up there, on the top of my hate list, along with those plastic grocery bags.
We never had to buy water in bottles 20 years ago, why now?

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otis campbell
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conveniece has a big cost
Ancient Hippy
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I think there should be a 10 cents per ounce tax put on bottled water. Watch how quickly lazy people would use a refillable bottle with tap water.
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we have a home water filter system and several portable containers to carry water when traveling.

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I carry bottled water and an occasional soft drink when I drive or am at work. I always use my recycle bin though when I'm finished.

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