If you are well traveled, what was one of the tastier dishes you've had?


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I've traveled a far bit ... But my focus was never really on the food , was more into the beverages :p all I can say about that is the food in Cuba sucks :p for my tastes anyway .

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Had a bean and barley soup in a little restaurant in Cortona, Italy.  About the best soup I've ever had.  Chef seemed reluctant to share recipe, however.  The next day I found a cookbook (in English yet) in a little bookstore that appeared to have the exact soup recipe in it.  Didn't want to carry it around all afternoon, so decided to come back just as we left the town and buy it.  Yes, you are correct - it was the last one in stock and some lousy foreigner had purchased it before I got there. 

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Had to search for this one as I remember it well. It's very good and very common. I put the description I found with it Remember it from the hangovers !


Vietnam's rice porridge is thick, creamy, hearty and should be able to cure whatever ails you—primarily a cold and hangovers. Top it with slices of chicken, beef, pork, fish, or in this case, pig parts (mostly liver and tubular innards). This is a bowl of Cháo Lòng from Saigon where street vendors can be easily spotted with their giant metal vats of porridge, piles of offal, and stacks of golden fried dough. Scallions and black pepper are scattered on top and at the table you'll get a platter of bean sprouts, lime wedges, ginger and fish sauce to season the porridge to taste.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Way better than Army grub and really good !
Rooster Cogburn
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3 weeks out in the bush and get into a place and that stuff was just wonderful. Good hot food ! Mama-san knew when we came in to make a big kettle of it !
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In Germany I had a pork schnitzel with some kind of cream sauce on it. I don't know what exactly was in the sauce because my husband's German was bad and the waitress' English was even worse. But the schnitzel was to die for!

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