Candy Corn or Popcorn Balls?


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Carmel Popcorn Balls.

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Candy Corn ♥

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My grandfather, a pediatrician back in the 1950s and 60s had a cute candy-corn gag for coaxing his kiddie patients with:  If they would let him give them their polio shot they could have a candy corn.  He'd put some candy corn in an envelope, licked and sealed it,  and after their shot he'd tell the small child "there's a cute tiny mousy in the envelope, see?" Tearing a tiny corner off he'd then push a kernel down to the hole, white tip first, so you could see just the tip of it. Then he'd squeak in a falsetto and ask the kid to take the mouse out.

Worked every time. Happy Halloween.

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Both please!

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I'm going for the popcorn.  I seem to recall, as a young Baldwin, liking candy corn.  Had an opportunity to eat some a bit ago, and either I had no taste in candy at all as a youth, or they changed the formula sometime after my youth.  That stuff was TERRIBLE!

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