6 dollar, veggie footlong subs from Subway? (i usually get one when i go to the mall on saturday with my mum, i always ask them to put more lettuce in it)


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I LOVE that sandwhich! The more "lettucey" the better! Mmmm! :0)

I like it with a ton of pickles as well!

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Woof Woofy
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of course. i get them to toast it with cheese beforehand.
Yin And Yang
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Great taste buds taste alike my friend! Lol! I like mine on wheat with one line of mayo, 1 line of mustard, tons and tons of lettuce, tons of pickles, olives, onion, a little tomato sometimes, spinach, and a little bell pepper and pepper sprinkled on top! Oh yah and gotta have cheese. i have never tried it toasted..... you have sparked my curiosity my friend! 😀
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