What are the advantages of bottled water vs. regular water?


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That depends on where you live. In Flint, Michigan there was so much lead in their water it was unsafe to drink. In most places there is little difference. Most bottled water is just filtered tap water.

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Both are the same just bottled water is cleaner but bad for the environment. But the tap water could have bacteria in it but its better for the environment. Its just one of those things if u are a tree huger or if u aren't.

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Thomas Zynobian answered

The Advantage is that the Company who sells the bottled water wins.

There are places on this earth where no fresh water is available, in this Areas it makes sense to use bottled Waters. Im regions with clean water it don´t make sens but the companys want to sell the water so they say it´s better but it´s not. A lot of bottle water is normal water from the tap.

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Nealious James answered

there! I am not sure what you really mean by regular water?! Is it something to do with the
liquid that comes out of taps? It might help to note that
bottled water will definitely be cleaner. I only drink from bottles as whatever
is being passed through our pipes is not always reliable!

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Ray Dart answered

It's odd, isn't it? Tap water which is filtered, constantly monitored and suffers fewer instances of contamination in most of Europe than the stuff you buy in the shops, is somehow considered inferior to that processed in a factory, often poured into plastic bottles by machinery of dubious manufacture in an environment mainly  monitored by a commercial concern.

Perrier has twice had to taken of the market because of benzine contamination. Other commercial waters have suffered other unintentional adulteration.

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Both are not safe if they are not purified. One of the most important thing to consider with bottled water is leaching of plastic in water, which defeats the purpose of buying bottled water. Are you all drinking water fromBPA free bottles?

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